Why You Should Not Ignore Root Canal Therapy?

Why You Should Not Ignore Root Canal Therapy?

Dec 05, 2019

If you are recommended a root canal you should not be fearing either the costs or the pain that the procedure will bring upon you. Endodontic therapy which is also called root canal is a treatment for removing the infection from within the tooth for protecting it against future infections. It is conducted in the pulp of the tooth which is known as the root canal.

Root Canal Treatment — What Is It?

A root canal is a part of a tooth and not a treatment by any distance. It is the section of the tooth which is hollow and houses the nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cells which are together known as the pulp. A tooth contains a crown and roots. The crown is the visible portion above the gum line and the roots are below it. The roots are holding the tooth firmly to the jawbone. The pulp is inside the crown and the root which is also called the root canal. It nourishes the tooth by providing moisture to the surrounding material. The pulp has nerves that sense hot and cold temperatures and pain. The procedure which is commonly called root canal is, in reality, an endodontic therapy that stands for “inside the tooth.”

The Reality About Root Canal Therapy

  • The root canal treatment is conducted to remove the nerves from the pulp of a tooth.
  • It is believed to be extremely painful but the reality is precisely the reverse because it relieves pain rather than causing it.
  • It is an endodontic therapy which is referred to as a root canal.
  • The costs of root canal treatment can vary but should be considered as an inexpensive option when compared to having a tooth removed and replaced with crowns or bridges.

Who Can Perform Root Canal Therapy?

You can inquire with your dentist and request a referral to an endodontist for root canal treatment in Kingwood, TX, where you can undergo the treatment in between 1 to 3 sessions.

The endodontist will remove everything that is inside the canal. You will be administered local anesthesia while a small access hole will be drilled on the surface of your tooth to remove the diseased and dead pulp with small files.

After the initial cleaning, the endodontist will clean, shape, and decontaminate the hollow space using tiny files and solutions. The tooth will then be filled with a rubber-like material for sealing the canals completely with the help of an adhesive cement.

After the root canal therapy, the tooth will no longer be alive. You will not feel any pain in that tooth because of the removal of the nerve tissue as well as the infection.

Finally, the endodontist conducting root canal therapy in Kingwood, TX, will recommend a crown or filling to protect the tooth because it would have become more fragile than earlier. The tooth without pulp does not receive the nourishment it needs from the ligaments that attach it to the bone making it prone to the fragility that can only be protected by a crown or filling. You will be advised not to bite or chew on the tooth until the crown or filling is completed. You will be able to use the tooth as before after the protection recommended is in place.

The treatment usually requires only a single appointment unless you have curved canals or large infections which would necessitate additional appointments.

Who Needs A Root Canal?

People with infections or injuries in the pulp rendering it ineffective to repair itself will need a root canal because the tissue dies within. People with deep cavities, cracked tooth or loose fillings will be allowing bacteria to enter the pulp causing its destruction by penetrating the openings of the root. It can also cause an infection in the bones. An injury to the pulp makes it sensitive to hot or cold temperatures and even cause pain when chewing. If left untreated the infection will spread making the tooth loose and fit for extraction. People facing such problems often need to undergo a root canal to rectify the problem in their mouth. The root canal treatment will save the tooth and eliminate the pain and the specialists offering root canal therapy in Kingwood, TX, will be making every effort to save the tooth from being extracted.

Preventive Measures That Should Be Adopted By Everyone

People must understand they are inviting problems with the root canal when they do not care for their teeth properly every single day. They can adopt the preventive measures suggested as a safeguard against tooth decay, infections, and gum disease. The measures are the following:

  • Brushing teeth just before bedtime and one more time during the day.
  • Using toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Using a suitable toothbrush and replacing it every quarterly.
  • Visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups.
  • Avoiding foods and sugary drinks and having a healthy diet.
  • Flossing for cleaning between the teeth to prevent the buildup of plaque.

People can also consider dental sealants if recommended by their dentist as a preventive measure. A root canal should not put the fear of the devil in you especially when you know that the root canal treatment in Kingwood, TX, will ensure you are relieved of the pain from this problem and be on the way to recovery after you have undergone the treatment.

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