What to Expect during Your Gum Contouring Recovery

What to Expect during Your Gum Contouring Recovery

Apr 01, 2019

Has the dentist near Kingwood suggested you for gum contouring? Are you worried about the healing and recovery time? The gum contouring can have several benefits in improving your overall appearance along with boosting your self confidence. It’s a simple and minimal invasive procedure where the advanced dentistry makes use of diode laser for trimming the excess or uneven tissues. The tool will not only reshape your gum line but will also help in sealing your blood vessels says dentist in 77339.

Here’s a Look at What to Expect from Your Gum Contouring Recovery Phase:

The Recovery Timeline

After the procedure is performed, you may need to take it easy for the rest of the day. You can resume your work the next day but you must avoid strenuous exercise such as heavy lifting. You can return to the gym within a week. You may experience some minor inflammation and sensitivity but it will subside in a few days. You can take ibuprofen for combating inflammation.

When Will You See Your Final Results?

You can see the results immediately after the gum contouring procedure. The teeth will appear bigger as well as even. Also, when the swelling goes down, the results will become more apparent. After a week of the treatment, you will enjoy full benefits of gum contouring.

Caring for Your Gums after Your Procedure

It’s important to keep the mouth clean as it helps in preventing infection. A saline rinse made of a teaspoon of salt and eight ounces of water with small hydrogen peroxide can be effective. Use the rinse several times a day especially after a meal. Also, be careful while brushing.

Post-gum Contouring Diet

You will have to be careful about your eating habits for few days. You must eat soft foods and avoid having anything with small pieces like seeds and nuts. Spicy foods are a big NO as they can inflame the gums. You will be able to resume you normal diet after few days.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will help in achieving a faster recovery.

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