When is the last time you had oral cancer screenings in Kingwood? We often hear a lot about cancer screenings; however, no one really ever focuses on oral cancer. Unfortunately, oral cancer is typically detected during the advanced stages which can drastically change the survival rate in patients. Wondering how you can increase your chance of surviving oral cancer? By scheduling an oral cancer screening in Kingwood with Kingwood Perfect Smiles!

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Wondering if you may be at risk for developing oral cancer? Here are the common risk factors for oral cancer:

  • Age
  • Immune Disorders
  • HPV
  • Tobacco Use
  • Alcohol Use

Importance of Our Oral Cancer Screenings in Kingwood, TX

Did you know that when detected in early stages, the survival rate for oral cancers can be 80% higher? This is why it is so important to routinely visit your dentist so that they can thoroughly examine your mouth for not only decay, but also for signs of any oral cancer. The entire process takes only minutes and could end up saving your life!

Oral Cancer Screenings Kingwood

At Kingwood Perfect Smiles we try to make our oral cancer screenings, quick, thorough and comfortable. We will thoroughly examine the inside of your mouth to check for any changes or sores that may indicate oral cancer. We will also examine the outside of your mouth including your gums and jaw to check for any lumps, bumps or signs of concern.

In the event that we spot anything abnormal during your oral cancer screening, you will be referred to a specialist who can analyze your oral health further and properly diagnose your condition.

Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening in Kingwood

When did you have your last oral cancer screening? Contact Kingwood Perfect Smiles today to schedule your oral cancer screening in Kingwood, TX!

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“Dr. Adam” DiVincenzo

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