Looking for dental sealants in Kingwood, TX? Did you know that your teeth aren’t completely flat? They actually have pits, grooves, and depressions on the chewing surfaces, which sadly are the perfect place for food debris, plaque, and bacteria to hide! As this plaque and bacteria sit in these areas, they begin to form decay and cavities. At Kingwood Perfect Smiles we recommend dental sealants in Kingwood, TX for all of our patients interested in completely protecting their smile and avoiding tooth decay.

Dental Sealants in Kingwood, TX

The tooth sealant we use at Kingwood Perfect Smiles is a tooth-colored plastic coating which can be easily applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. The dental sealant fills the pits, depressions, and grooves on the tooth, forming a barrier and protecting the teeth from acid creating bacteria and decay.

Getting dental sealants in Kingwood, TX is extremely quick and easy. In fact, they can be applied during your routine scheduled dental exam! First, we will thoroughly clean and dry the teeth. Next, a special gel is applied which helps bond the tooth sealant to your tooth. The dental sealant is then applied to the teeth and hardened using a curing light. Once this has been completed you are protected, you can even go get a snack and a drink immediately after your visit! Want to protect your family’s smiles with dental sealants in Kingwood, TX? Schedule an appointment with your whole family today!

Maintaining Dental Sealants

Our dental sealants are actually quite durable; with proper at-home dental care and routine professional dental treatment they can last around 10 years. During your routine bi-annual dental examinations and cleanings we can check your tooth sealants to make sure they are still protecting your smile!

Get Dental Sealants in Kingwood Today

Think your family could benefit from our dental sealants in Kingwood, TX? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at Kingwood Perfect Smiles. We’re always accepting new patients and look forward to protecting your smile!

“Dr. Adam” DiVincenzo

“Dr. Adam” DiVincenzo

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