Is Professional Teeth Whitening For You? 

Is Professional Teeth Whitening For You? 

May 1, 2019

Professional teeth whitening is for people who have stained teeth. The reason for stains can be tea, coffee, soda, red wine, or colored foods. It’s not possible to stay away from every food that leads to staining on teeth. However, the cosmetic dentistry procedures in Kingwood TX can help in getting a pearly white smile.

You Aren’t The Only One With Yellow Teeth

You can see strong demand for the brighter and whiter smiles than ever. However, such a stunning smile can’t be achieved by toothpaste which most people look for in a grocery store. Unfortunately, most of the store-bought whitening products that you encounter will never be able to meet the claims they make.

Some of them may work, but that’s only to a minimal extent as they contain small levels of hydrogen peroxide. However, many of these products can be dangerous as they contain materials that won’t be custom-fitted to your mouth. This means that the bleaching agent can end up in places other than your teeth which can be bad for gums and soft tissue.

Professional Guidance Is Key

The professional dental care practitioner can help in getting the safest and most effective results when it comes to brightening up your smile. Even when you have teeth that are badly stained, the dentist has professional-grade whitening products that will do far more for your smile than the over-the-counter products.

The professional whitening products have 10 times the bleaching agent as compared to the commercial products, which is why you can only get them from a vetted oral health professional. Also, having a dentist whom you trust will guarantee that the whitening treatment will be handled correctly. The professional offers you two options i.e. at-home whitening program and in-office whitening treatment whereby a strong solution is applied and removed after a few minutes.

For the at-home treatment, the dentist will offer you custom-made trays that fit well on your teeth so there’s no risk of it coming in contact with your gums.

Always go for professional whitening as that’s very effective and long-lasting.

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