Essential Pediatric Dental Care

Essential Pediatric Dental Care

September 25, 2017

Your child’s first dentist visit should be fondly remembered. A fear of dentists is not innate; people are not born fearing the unknown. At Kingwood Perfect Smiles, we go above and beyond to create a non-threatening environment for young patients. We explain each treatment in simple, clear and concise language in a comforting tone. Children and other family members feel at ease from the moment of arrival.

When to Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Schedule your child’s first dental visit by age one. Newly erupted baby teeth require proper dental from the start. Good oral hygiene is important from the very beginning, even before teeth arrive.

Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

While your child is teething, examine his or her oral cavity biweekly. Check for discoloration and lines that may indicate tooth decay. Keep in mind that sugar-laden snacks and drinks will attack a newly-erupted tooth. Be sure that your child adopts proper oral hygiene habits. We recommend wiping your infant’s gums after feeding, rinsing with tap water after eating and having your child brush twice daily.

Brushing teeth can be fun for kids, and they should start once the first tooth erupts. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head and no more than a pea-sized portion of toothpaste. Children under two should not use fluoride paste unless they do so under a dentist or other physician’s care. Oversee your child’s brushing habits and offer instruction on proper technique.

Flossing is just as important; your pediatric dentist will determine the right time for your child start flossing his or her teeth. Contact our office immediately if you notice any signs of decay.

Preventing Cavities with Regular Checkups

Cavities form when sugars linger on tooth enamel, and the bacteria that feed on it converts it to acid. This leads to decay which breaks down teeth. Kids and adolescents are a significant risk for developing cavities because they don’t practice good dental hygiene habits regularly. Teach your children to avoid tooth decay by brushing their teeth two times a day, flossing, and with routine dental checkups.

Schedule twice-yearly dental visits for your child at six-month intervals for professional teeth cleanings and exams. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are also available for added strength and cavity-fighting protection.

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