Do Veneers Ruin Your Real Teeth?

Do Veneers Ruin Your Real Teeth?

Mar 18, 2019

When it comes to the appearance of teeth, a few problems are noted as quite common as well as prominent. For example, everyone desires to have shiny white teeth, but sadly due to many reasons teeth turn little yellowish. The worse thing is that teeth can acquire patchy brown marks if you are a frequent cigarette consumer. Tooth decay is also a common problem, and you shall find that your tooth becomes fragile as well as improper in shape. Due to decaying, large gaps become noticeable between teeth, and clearly this is not a pleasant thing for your overall look or appearance. If you are facing these troubles, you can find solutions with dental veneers at Kingwood Perfect Smiles.

Does Veneer Hurt Your Gums?

Using porcelain veneer is the safest as well as a painless way of restoring the beauty of teeth. Porcelain veneer is basically porcelain coating around your original decayed teeth. Professional dentists can apply the veneer with precision. Once applied, you can flaunt shiny white and perfectly arranged teeth. Porcelain veneer stays for a long time as well.

Do Veneer Damage Teeth?

Porcelain veneer does not damage your natural teeth by any means. In fact, it protects your natural teeth from further decaying as well as other damages. Fragile teeth can be dangerous, as they can be broken down anytime. With veneer, porcelain lamination is added around the teeth to give strength. You can do regular activities with your teeth without any hassles, after application of dental veneers by the cosmetic dentists. There would not be any trouble in chewing foods. They would not be any pain on teeth or gum due to the veneers. They are perfectly safe and non-toxic.

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers do not have any harmful effects, and on top of that it has a lot of benefits in offering. First of all, it helps to restore a beautiful smile. Your patchy or discolored teeth and decayed teeth will be completely hidden. Thus, your smile will get better with shiny white and perfectly arranged teeth. Veneer protects teeth from further decaying. It also closed the gaps between teeth, and that helps to maintain the right teeth alignment. For more information on veneers, you can consult experienced dentists at Kingwood Perfect Smiles.

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