A Parent’s Guide to Mouth Guards

A Parent’s Guide to Mouth Guards

October 31, 2018

Does your little one enjoy sports or athletic activities? Want to make sure their smile is as protected as possible? At Kingwood Perfect Smiles, we’re proud to offer custom mouthguards for our patients that participate in athletic activities and/or sports and are interested in additional protection for their smile. Not sure if you should be wearing a mouthguard? We often recommend them for patients who:

  • Partake in ball-and-stick sports including cricket, squash, softball and even baseball.
  • Competitively partake in skateboarding, horseback riding, and even cycling.
  • Enjoy hand-to-hand sports such as martial arts, krav maga, and even boxing.
  • Play field sports which include soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and even football.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities such as rollerblading, skiing and even snowboarding.

Don’t see your favorite activity on the list? Feel free to contact Kingwood Perfect Smiles to ask, we’re always happy to answer any questions our patients may have. We can also schedule a consultation for you to discuss mouthguards with our dentist!

Selecting a Mouthguard

When it comes to selecting a mouthguard, there are various options available. Many of our patients start with store-bought mouthguards claiming to be one-size-fits-all before realizing that their new mouthguard is uncomfortable and doesn’t fit correctly. When a mouthguard improperly fits it can actually reduce your protection from injury, making them basically useless. We also find that many patients stop wearing their mouthguard once it becomes uncomfortable.

At Kingwood Perfect Smiles, we recommend custom-fit mouthguards which are tailored to each patient. With a custom-fit mouthguard, we can ensure maximum comfort and protection while you partake in your favorite sports and athletic activities.

How Often Should I Wear My Mouthguard?

We recommend that you wear your mouthguard anytime you are partaking in your favorite athletic activity and/or sport. This includes any practices that you must partake in as well. An emergency can happen at any moment, even while practicing.

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